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Stan Oglesby

Stan Oglesby is managing partner of Midwest Accident Reconstruction Services, L.C.  Mr. Oglesby has presented subject matter to various groups on numerous topics related to the field of accident reconstruction nationwide.  He has investigated or reconstructed approximately 4,000 crashes and has examined thousands of vehicles.  He has testified and been deposed over 340 times in Federal and State court.

Mr. Oglesby earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, Missouri.  In 1978, he started training as a Trooper with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  He was employed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol for 13 years, in which he served as a road officer.  Mr. Oglesby completed accident reconstruction training in 1990 and later attended the Commercial Motor Vehicle School. 

He was one of two troopers, at that time, to be certified by the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Alliance to inspect commercial motor vehicles and drivers in accordance with the Federal Regulations.  Mr. Oglesby also attended the Arkansas State University Commercial Vehicle Accident and Reconstruction School presented by the National Transportation and Safety Board. 

In September of 1994, he received his ACTAR Accreditation #62.  In 1985, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided a grant to develop national guidelines for the standardization of training in the field of traffic accident reconstruction.  A task force of accident reconstructionists, engineers, police officers, educators, and attorneys met and developed a report entitled Minimum Training Criteria for Police Traffic Accident Reconstructionists.  In that report, the task force addressed the certification of individuals in the field and recommended that “a certification board be formed” to accredit accident investigators and reconstructionists.  Five years later, 12 professional accident reconstruction associations with worldwide representation met to explore the possibility of forming an internationally recognized accreditation program open to both police and civilian accident reconstructionists.  ACTAR was the result of that coalition.  One of the many goals of ACTAR is to assist the legal and scientific community in weighing the suitabilities of individuals offering their services as accident reconstructionists.  Mr. Oglesby served on the governing board of directors of this international organization as chairman and had partial responsibility for creating and supervising the tests given to applicants.

Midwest Accident Reconstruction Services, L.C. began providing services to the legal and insurance industries in 1991.  The home office is located at 110 S. Main in Concordia, Missouri, just two blocks south of Interstate 70.  The telephone number is (660) 463-7006.

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